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Yaohua wind shield is made of new-type polymer inorganic nonmetallic composite materials. According to the aerodynamic principles, the upper and lower air currents turbulent each other inside the wall when the air currents (strong breeze) through the wall. Then strong breeze is around outside the wall, weak breeze inside; or weak breeze outside but windless inside. It is featured of anti-flaming, anti-aging, good bendability and hardness, beautiful appearance etc.


Dust suppression: above 65%80%. Different shapes, holes, aperture ratio and height are designed as different meteorological condition, the shape of storage yard, the height of the storage yard after testing to get the best effect of dust suppression.

Applicable temperature: 80℃~-40.

Application areas:

Power station, coal mine, coking plant, coal washery and storage yard of enterprises etc;

Storage yard of port or dock and various stock ground;

Open-air stock yard of enterprises which stock steel, building materials and cement etc.

Coal collecting station and coal yard of railway or highway;

Building site and road dust suppression.

The length, width and thickness can be design as requested.

        Warranty: 20 years.

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Company Name:  
Contact Person:  Liu Zhongying
Address:  153, Youyi Road, Qinhuangdao,Hebei,China
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Telephone:  86 0335 591 7208
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