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Managing buying information

Post Buying Information

Post a Buying Lead if you cannot find the products you want by sourcing on Most suppliers do not post their entire inventory, so tell suppliers what you want and let the right suppliers come to you.


When posting your Buying Leads, you can specify your preferred method of contact or conceal your company information.


To post Buying Leads without disclosing contact information, please take the following steps:


1. Click "Join free"

2. In Member Center,click Post a New “Buying” Lead in the Buying section

3. Complete the form

4. Click "ok,Submit" to post



Edit Buying Information

Go to "Member Center""Manage Buying" ,view the status of your Buying Leads on your homepage or in the Manage Buying Leads section. Your Buying Lead status may be one of the following:


Editing Required: This includes Buying Leads that require editing before they can be posted on

Approval Pending: This includes Buying Leads that have been posted but have yet to be approved by The approval process usually takes 24 hours

Approved: This includes Buying Leads that are approved and published on

Expired:This includes Buying Leads that have passed the expiration date you specified


Please note: You can only edit, delete or re-post Buying Leads in Editing Required, Approved or Expired status.

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